Steps for installing a PV system connected to the public grid:

After verifying that the conditions for access to the financial mechanism of the PROSOL ELEC project are met, a team SOLARIA performs a site visit to his potential client, after which survey visit PV is wrote and will serve as a basis for the feasibility study and for the quotation.

After the client's consent to carry out the installation, SOLARIA proceed with the preparation of a complete application for approval of STEG to achieve the PV system and receive credit bank established in the framework of PROSOL ELEC project.

After approval of STEG, SOLARIA will install the photovoltaic system according to the specifications of "Technical eligibility of photovoltaic and security measures."

If rejected, the STEG informs SOLARIA the reasons for refusal and amendments for approval as appropriate.

After completion of the installation and submission of documents, SOLARIA applies for the acceptance and the commissioning of the installation by STEG which will schedule a visit to the facility within a period not exceeding 10 days from the date of the application for acceptance and commissioning. The STEG district is required to inform SOLARIA the date of the visit at least three days in advance.

During the visit and in presence of the beneficiary or his representative and the team of SOLARIA, STEG technicians will conduct the audit of the procurement, execution of work and check the compliance with safety rules in accordance with dossier submitted documents and the requirements of "Specifications eligibility PV and Safety Precautions to be observed for grid-connected photovoltaic systems when working on site.

If the installation is accepted, the STEG technicians will proceed for :

Installation of the energy meter for excess electricity from solar power fed into the grid.
The commissioning of the installationw
The implementation of tests to ensure proper operation.

At the end of the visit, the STEG technicians, the representative of SOLARIA and the Client sign the document entitled "Acceptance and commissioning of a photovoltaic grid-connected system."
After the commissioning, SOLARIA will provide the Client all the drawings of the installation, user manuals, maintenance instructions and warranty certificates.

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