Agricultural photovoltaic pumping

The impressive availability of solar radiation in our territory and the growing demand for water make solar pumping the best alternative solution.
Solaria offers a wide range of high performance photovoltaic pumps for agricultural water whenever and wherever you want, easy to maintain and guaranteed for one year or more.

Constitution of a photovoltaic pumping system:
Photovoltaic pumping systems are generally composed by:

A photovoltaic generator to produce direct current from sunlight. It also has a supporting metal structure. Its power is determined by the depth of the well and the required flow of water.
A power control unit, consisting of a converter capable of varying the frequency and output voltage depending on the available power from the solar array.
A submersible or surface mounted pump with DC or AC electric motor.
Electrical wiring for the energy connexion between the generator and the motor, and for security data.
water infrastructure that conducts water from its source (well), to distribution points:
-The water source (well)
-Pipes to bring water to storage
-A system of water storage (reservoir)
-Purification system to ensure the sanitary quality of water if needed drinking water.
-Distribution system from storage to consumption areas.

Principle of operation of a photovoltaic pumping system:
Solar energy is converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells. The inverter converts the direct current produced by solar modules into alternative current to operate the AC motor pump group. Water pumped from the well will be stored in a tank. Solar panels and inverter are static elements, the only moving part of the system is the motor pump group.

Benefits of a photovoltaic pumping system:
Solar pumping produces no fuel costs, benefits from a stable source of energy and reliable and has a better quality / price ratio than conventional pumping systems in remote areas (diesel pumps or manual).

financial incentives for the installation of a photovoltaic pumping system:
To encourage the development of photovoltaic pumping for irrigation in the agricultural farms National Fund for Energy Conservation (NFEC) allows farmers to receive a premium of 40% of the investment cost with a maximum of twenty thousand dinars (20,000 D).

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