Metallic Supporting Structure - Grounding - Protection of the installation:

Metallic Supporting Structures:
To support the photovoltaic modules, SOLARIA uses aluminum or galvanized steel structures. These supporting structures are strong and never oxidize.
These supporting structures are weighted by concrete blocks that give them a safe and stable resistance to weather and winds. During the installation, it is strictly forbidden to our teams to drill the roof.

The grid-connected photovoltaic power system is classified into medium-risk, all metal structures and all organs of the PV system must be grounded. The ground resistance value must not exceed 10 Ω.

Protection of the installation:
SOLARIA photovoltaic system has two types of protection:

DC protection upstream of the inverter: This is a sealed box that contains a DC disconnect switch, a DC surge protector and in cases of necessity, a set of fuses.

AC protection downstream of inverter: This is a sealed box that contains AC line and differential circuit breakers, AC surge protector and an isolating switch.

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